Wednesday, 18 September 2013

'A Crane Did Fly By' !

Here is a preview of two Praxinoscopes I have made for my forthcoming exhibition 'The Company of Cranes' - Part 2 in Langport, as part of Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2013.

Left: 'The Waiting Forest' Praxinoscope and Right: 'Somerset River' Praxinoscope. Photos © Richard Battye 2013

Praxinoscopes were successors of Zoetropes, both 19th century inventions, containing a sequential image inside a spinning cylinder.  When the Praxinoscope is spun, the rapid succession of images creates the illusion of movement - in the case of my pieces Flying Cranes! The pieces were an exciting challenge to make, and for the first time I have combined etched details with hand printed metal illustrations of Cranes in Somerset and Brandenburg.

You are invited to come along and spin both the Praxinoscopes and Zoetropes during the exhibition which runs from 21st September until 5th October, with a special opening on 26th September at 5pm, followed by my artists talk at 7pm at Bow Wharf. SAW Projects - The Company of Cranes

There are also other Arts Weeks exhibitions happening nearby at the same time as the Company of Crane which is venue 45 on the festival map, including Shakespeare Glass venue 48, Alchemy - 47, Terriffic Toilets - 46 and The D.B Group - 49.  Here is a link to the festival guide with information and a map of all artists and orgnisations taking part in Somerset Art Weeks 2013.