Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bathed in Golden Sunlight

Left: Cranes in field courtesy of David Kjaer   Right: Damon Bridge, Great Crane Project Manager with tracking gear.
The first time I saw the Cranes they were bathed in golden sunlight.  I have only ever seen Cranes in fairy tales (they became extinct in the UK nearly 400 years ago), so it was a beautiful sight.  They are very elusive, but thanks to the Crane team and their amazing tracking kit we found them hidden away on the Somerset levels.  At first I couldn’t see them with my untrained eye – but gradually I managed to distinguish their slender necks and heads from the surrounding bulrushes.  It was a very moving experience and even more so due to the afternoon light and peace and quiet of the countryside.  A real change from inner city Birmingham and the noisy sparrows that dive bomb my bird feeders all day everyday!  I hope to see the Cranes a lot more over the coming months and look forward to going to Germany with the RSPB to collect eggs to bring back for rearing in Somerset.  I learned that it doesn’t harm the German Cranes to do this as they usually lay two eggs and re lay a second time, so they are fine and monitored well by aviculturists in Germany.


  1. Good luck with the project and look forward to seeing more photos of you and the rest of the crane team at work.

  2. Important work and beautiful illustrations - wishing you well with it