Sunday, 5 May 2013

Off to Germany. Leaving you with flying Cranes and Barn Owls.

Off to Brandenburg tomorrow!

My new gouaches, Damon Bridge checking eggs in Brandenburg and the first chick hatched at Slimbridge on 4th May.
Photos courtesy of Damon Bridge.
On the eve of my trip to Germany with The Great Crane Project to collect Cranes eggs for rearing and release in England, I am busily packing my art equipment and my brand new, fresh gouaches (purchased specially for the trip)!  Gouache is my preferred medium and one that I've used for 23 years. I love it's smoothness and vibrancy and when painting minute and intricate details - there is no rival in my opinion.  I travel to Brandenburg with the Crane team, stopping one night on route and arrive at the 'Mill' on Tuesday evening, where we will stay and work for a week.  I'm hoping to set up a mini art studio in a corner if I can, as I am so excited and eager to get started on illustrations for the zoetropes.  As of yesterday the first chick from this years egg collection has hatched at Slimbridge (there are two trips to Germany and I am on the second leg).  So a good start for this years new flock of Cranes.

Flying Cranes Zoetrope - work in progress

A short experimental video of my zoetrope, depicting cranes in flight - illustrated in gouache and fine pens. I am making a series of zoetropes for my forthcoming exhibition at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre, illustrating my time with the Cranes.

Barn Owl at Stathe Bridge, Somerset

A spontaneous video of a Barn Owl that surprised me whilst looking for Cranes at Stathe in Somerset.  I managed to capture a short flight on my camcorder as it flew very close to me.  Such a beautiful and bright bird and a wonderful surprise.

The Beauty and Fragility of Somerset Hedgerows

During the recent bad weather a couple of weeks ago, I managed to capture some of this icy beauty on camera.  A morning walk down foggy lanes revealed withered and delicate plants whose beauty was only highlighted by a covering of frost.


  1. Important work and beautiful illustrations - wishing you well with it

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment. I will be posting about the wonderful trip to Germany very soon!