Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pickpocketing Cranes, a new style of Yoga and a joyous bath!

Today I went to Slimbridge to walk the Cranes.  It was a lovely sunny day and I was eager to see them again as they were very small on my first visit.  I was not prepared for the amount they had grown in a month.  Such beautiful birds and of course they are the new love(s) of my life!
Here are a few humorous photos from the day and a short film.
Photo on left taken today and a month earlier on the right. Me feeding the Cranes!

Pickpocketing Crane and a new style of Crane Yoga (or in training to be a pianist)!

The patterns and colours of the feathers were stunning.  Some Cranes were a silvery grey and others contained a touch of red.

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  1. Wow Melanie, what a fantastic experience to walk with the Cranes and feed them and get so close to share a part of their lives. It is interesting to see how they are growing. This is such a priviledge and it is lovely to know that they have a special place in your heart and you care about their survival. Your sense of humour is great when talking about photographing them and the video is truly delightful allowing everyone to also be amongst them and share this unique experience. Looking forward to your next blog. Well done to you and all the Crane team!
    Julie Emms