Sunday, 13 October 2013

Grue, Kraanvogel, Grulla, Grou, Gru, Cocor, Gerniniai, Turnagiller

As the title suggests - I have been revising the name for Cranes in different languages!  Tomorrow I am off to Belgium to lead a Crane arts project with children from 10 different European countries!  We will be making large scale tunnel books and below you can see some of the reference materials I have prepared.  We will be using the Cranes habitat as inspiration including other creatures and plants that share the same environment.  Watch this space in a week or so for a blog post with photos of our creations.

Reference materials we will use in Belgium to explore Crane and their habitats.

Metal insects @ Curry Mallet

Recently I visited Curry Mallet school to deliver a metal insect workshop.  It was a fantastic day and the pupils made some stunning aluminium and copper insects based on insects found on the Somerset levels.  Here are a few photos of some of the pieces produced that we installed in a tree in the school grounds!  Well done to all the pupils for making such beautiful artwork.
Metal bees, dragonflies and beetles made by pupils at Curry Mallet school.

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