Monday, 2 June 2014

Melanie's crane artwork featured in Homes & Antiques magazine


  1. Really lovely article (with fabulous photos) that presents your work and inspiration beautifully. I hope it is well received. Hope to get to the New Walk Gallery too.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! :-)

  3. Hi Melanie, I read that you might be working on some lettering based on crane motifs. Could you share any more about this? Looking forward to seeing your next pieces.

  4. Hi thank you for your lovely comment re. Crane lettering. I hope to create some gouache Crane letters in the future (2015). They will be illuminated letters! I'll post updates here and on my website Please ask any questions you like!

    1. Hi Melanie, thank you very much for sharing this. That is very exciting and I really look forward to seeing your illuminated letters as they emerge. What inspired you to work more on lettering? It is a very interesting development because certain aspects of your work have previously reminded me of illuminations in manuscripts, especially some of the extremely rich panels that are part of your automata pieces. Thank you again and I look forward very much to seeing the next stages of this project as well as your other work. Best wishes.